A rainy day trip to Canada's African Lion Safari

There is is something magical and romantic about the rain! It calms my mind and soothes my soul.I get excited when rain clouds roll up in the sky hiding the sun behind it.

I love the sweet smell of earth after the first rain..

I love the sound of rain falling on tin roof..

I love how it beautifies every leaf,every plant every single object it falls on. Ok I admit it, I am obsessed with rain. So obsessed that I try to incorporate the word even in my email IDs and websites. I think spending most part of my life in the rain deprived land of Arabia where we used to long for at least a drizzle might have contributed in part to this obsession.I have such vivid memories of those rare occasions of bunking classes while in college just to enjoy rain.

So it was no surprise that I was longing to enjoy a day out in the rain when the weatherman called for 100% precipitation on our scheduled day for the African Lion Safari. I was the parent chaperon for my daughter's class during their school's visit to the Safari. The rain fell on relentlessly the entire duration of the trip. Even with raincoats and umbrellas all of us got soaked in the rain.

Even though there were a few complaints about the cold and wind the children were all such good sports and enjoyed to the fullest. We rode the safari bus at the start of the trip when the rain was heaviest and missed out photographing the animals as the falling rain made focussing through the glass windows nearly impossible.That disappointment didn't last long as we enjoyed various shows. I came home exhausted but with heart that was so full with happiness and gratitude for getting to enjoy another beautiful day on this beautiful blue marble we call home.

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